Meet our latest innovations

At Toon, we are constantly finding new ways to make daily life easier. Our users will soon enjoy Waste checker and Boiler check, two services that will put them more in control of their home. Sadly, these are not yet available in our pilots. But be patient, and you'll benefit from these services too!


Waste checker

Without you knowing, your appliances can be using much more energy than they should. By analyzing each individual appliance and comparing it to efficient ones, Toon tells you what the energy wasters are and how to decrease the waste. Waste checker keeps learning from your home and others, continuously identifying new appliances and ways to lower your energy usage.


Boiler check

Boilers sometimes seem to have a mind of their own; they start malfunctioning without warning or shut down altogether. But thanks to Boiler check, there are no more surprises. This new service alerts you of any irregularities or when your boiler is due for a check-up. The mechanic will be just a click away. Your boiler will never leave you in the cold again.



Fibaro Smoke Sensor

With Fibaro Smoke Sensors, you’ll always feel safe. Receive an alert at home or on your smartphone in the case that smoke is detected. Toon watches over your home, even when you’re away.



You know your solar panels generate energy but, how much exactly? Thanks to Toon Solar, you can track not only your generated energy, but also how much of that energy you store, deliver back to the grid, or use yourself.