Getting started with Toon

Home 1.png

1. Manual operating

You can change the temperature manually. Once the boiler turns on, a flame icon will appear.

2. Automatic settings

You’ll be able to set a program based on your weekly routine. Use the slider to turn the week program on and off.

3. Adjusting the temperature settings

Adjust the four Toon preference settings (Away, Home, Sleep, and Comfort) with the Set button. You can always change your preference settings, by going to the menu and selecting Temperature.

Program 1.png

4. Setting a program

Go to Menu and then select Program to set up the week program. The screen to the left will appear. Select a day and then press edit (the pencil icon). Use this to change an existing period and click delete (the rubbish bin icon) to remove an existing period. Use the plus icon to add an extra heating period. Once you’ve set a program for one day, you can use the copy button to use this program for other days as well.

If you need any help look in "Feature manuals" and select the "Program manual" button.

Graph 1.png

5. Graph

On the main screen select "Power at this moment" or "Heating today" to go to the Graphs. Here, you’ll get clear, current insight into your energy consumption. You have the option of viewing your usage per hour, day, week, month or year in kWh and in €.

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6. Notifications

Via Notifications, Toon will let you know if there is anything new.

7. Software update

Press this button to install the newest updates.

8. Wi-Fi connection

For Toon to work properly, you will need an internet connection. Go to the Menu, Settings, and then Internet (on the left side of the screen) to set up your Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is necesssary for your mobile app to be able to control Toon.

9.Heating today

Heating today shows you the amount of time your boiler has been on.

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10. Vacation

If you’re leaving for a few days, avoid wasting energy by clicking on Vacation, Set and then select your desired start and end date.

11. Weather

To get up-to-date weather information, select Weather and setup your region by selecting Change location.

12. Choose your own Start screen

Choose which features (tiles) you wish to have directly on your Start screen. Select Add tile in the menu and select the tile you wish to add. To remove a tile, press and hold the tile and then press the red X.

Menu 2.png

13. Operating options

You can expand Toon with smart devices. Fibaro Smart Plugs, for example, provide insight into your energy usage and costs per device. Connected devices can also be turned on and off remotely. Find out more about how to set up these devices on the "Features manuals " page of this website.